C&C Market Research is an industry leading market research firm.


C&C Market Research comes to your service utilizing the latest technology in data collection and data processing. We bring over 25 years of marketing research experience to your service. Every one of our 40 offices utilize broadband connections with at least 10 computers ready for your study. We also have over a 100 nationwide networked facilities to assist you.


All C&C personnel are thoroughly trained on proper data and study handling for computer studies. Our unique state of the art data tracking tools allow data storage, data monitoring, and data packaging most research companies only dream about. Quotas are tracked online in real time. Data is automatically collected and stored in a secure database facilitating quicker access and easier data packaging with minimal human intervention.


Our survey software allows for internet down times. Should a computer lose an internet connection, studies can continue using our software. When the connection comes back up, data will transfer to the data storage location at the completion of the first online survey.