Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does C&C Market Research do?

We are a data collection company, which means we collect information about consumers’ needs and preferences to provide our clients with your opinions.

Companies of all sizes use surveys to gather important market research, which they later utilize to direct product development and marketing initiatives.

Am I considered a client or employee when I take a survey?

No, when you volunteer to complete a survey with us, you are what we refer to as a respondent. The respondent is someone who supplies data for clients to utilize in their business development. (examples: food, make-up, tools, clothing, politics, etc.)

Why do you need personal information about me?

We use that information to look for potential candidates to participate in the research. All the data that we collect have quotas based on age, gender, household income and past participation (most studies restrict you on how many surveys you can take in specific amount of time), and some studies may include specific product usage.

Is it important that you have my current phone number, email & address?

Yes, many of our surveys require valid contact information for several reasons.

  • If you qualify to take a product home, we need to be able to contact you. If you are unable to be contacted for the follow up information about product trial, it may disqualify you from participating in further research with us and you may not get paid for completion of the survey.
  • Your cooperation money may be sent to the wrong address if you opt for the mailing option.
  • Some surveys may require you to live in specific zip codes, counties or near specific places.
  • Some surveys require the product be shipped to you.
  • Legal reasons, such as legal claims with products, mock juries, legal research, etc.
  • Do you sell my information?

    No, C&C keeps your information confidential. Our clients are only allowed to use your data for the specific purpose for which it was collected. Our clients and outside vendors are only allowed to contact you in order to gather the data on the specific survey that you took.

    How did you get my information? I have never participated with C&C in the past.

  • Client list: Our clients have given us a list from their database in which you have bought something or participated with them or you are a client of theirs already.
  • Someone has falsely given your information to C&C Market Research- PLEASE CONTACT US AND WE WILL REMOVE YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION.
  • Why do I continue to get calls after I have completed my survey?

  • For quality assurance you may be contacted by C&C Validations or the Client's Validations department to check accuracy in the data being collected.
  • Your survey information may not be completed. Some surveys require you to do what are referred to as callbacks, which can require you to answer additional information via online, telephone or even may request you to come back to our facility. If you have not followed through with all steps required, then your survey is not considered complete and you may not get paid. In some instances you may not be allowed to participate in any further surveys. You can opt out at any time, but again you may not get paid for your time if you opt out before the survey is complete.
  • Why did they ask my friend or family member to participate and not me?

    All the data that we collect have quotas based on age, gender, household income and past participation (most studies restrict you on how many surveys you can take in specific amount of time in specific categories, most industry standards state that you cannot participate in the same category within 1 month but there are always exceptions that are made by end clients) and depending on the data that needs to be collected may include specific product usage. Some surveys do not allow multiple people in a household to participate on the same survey.

    What do they mean when they tell me I didn’t qualify? They asked me questions, but why am I not getting paid?

    All surveys require us to do a pre-screener which helps us find out who is who isn’t right to participate in a study. In some cases it may be that our assigned quota has been met for your demographics, or in other cases it may be that it’s a product that you wouldn’t be interested in. For example, we may be looking for someone who is a pet owner and if you do not own a specific pet then you wouldn’t qualify. Some pre-screening may take a few minutes and we appreciate your time and patience.

    The survey took longer or shorter than they told me?

    We apologize the survey times are based on an average time and sometimes it may take a longer time than anticipated.

    What are the different ways I can participate?

  • Mall Intercept: To participate in a mall intercept study, our interviewers approach respondents randomly in the mall looking for potential candidates to participate.
    If you are at the mall and you see interviewers on the mall floor, feel free to approach them to see if you can participate in any active studies they might be recruiting.C&C Market Research owns and operates over 40 research facilities in major markets all over the country.
  • Pre-Recruit: You are signed up in our database, and we randomly call you for studies, or post studies online for you to participate in.
  • What are the different ways I get paid, and what determines how much I get paid?

    There are several different methods we use to thank you for participating with us.

    You may get paid with cash, check, gift cards, by keeping the product, or even a combination of these methods. The incentives that are provided are based on what our client has specified for us to give the respondents. The more time involved, the more the incentive or cooperation fee will be valued.

    If a survey is valued at $10 or more, a check with be issued. If you are issued a check from C&C Market Research we cannot cash that check for you. C&C Market Research will not be held liable for any cash checking fees that may incur. You may ask how you will be getting paid before the survey starts, and opt out if you do not wish to go any further.

    Redeeming tokens online:

  • Go to:
  • Click on the “Join our Online Panel" button
  • Sign in using your credentials
  • Click on the "Redeem" button to get your rewards
  • At this time the only incentive available is for an Amazon Gift Card. You must have at least 2000 tokens to receive $20 Amazon Gift Card sent directly to your email.
  • Keep logging in regularly to see if there are other prize options in the future and keep taking any online polls/surveys available on your page to get more tokens!